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Mother Carries Disabled Son To Safety After Home Catches Fire During Riots

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- The Baltimore riots and the fires that came with them changed the lives of one Baltimore family. Their home caught fire, forcing a mother to rush to safety with her disabled son in her arms.

Marcus Washington spoke with the mother about the ongoing impact one night of violence is having on her and her son.

It's the fire that changed the lives of a family. In the midst of more than 60 fires across the city beginning April 27, the business that sits next to LaPorsha Lawson's home is targeted.

"Soon as I woke up, it was just the first words that came out my mouth was, 'Something's on fire,'" said Lawson.

Porsha says at that moment she also heard the knock of a friend at her door, telling her to get out.

"I took off up the steps. And by the time I looked up again, I was holding my son wrapped in a blanket outside and we were just watching our house burn down," she said.

The burned structure and charred remains are what's left of where Porsha used to live. She says she is moving on, not holding any grudges against the people who are responsible.

"As long as my son is OK and he's happy and he's breathing, I'm excellent," she said.

But she's heartbroken that if a person is behind the fire, they didn't think of the lives that would be affected.

"People burned the bar down, which burned his home down, which burned all his equipment. Everything. His wheelchair was his legs," she said.

"Sometimes, throughout the night he stops breathing in his sleep," Lawson continued. "So that was a real hard night for me--that I had to sit up and hold him just to make sure he didn't slip or even just stop breathing in the middle of the night while he didn't have his machine on."

Porsha's seven-year-old son Khai'Lee suffers from cerebral palsy--the result of an asthma attack and stroke that left him breathless for 45 minutes.

In response to her loss, Porsha says she has gotten a large show of love and support. Her parent's home--surrounded with donations from people she's never met.

"I'm thankful and I'm really appreciative," said Lawson.

Porsha says with the donations they've received, they do have a lot of things covered, but they're still waiting to find a home that fits the needs of her son.

The Baltimore Fire Department says like many of the fires during the riots, LaPorsha's home fire is currently under investigation.

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