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24 Hour Gamble Pays Off For Employees At Maryland Live! Casino

HANOVER, Md. (WJZ) -- Gambling dollars are finding their way into the pockets of the employed.

Pat Warren reports Maryland Live! is adding more people to the workforce.

The Maryland Live! Casino is adding a poker room.

Since December, Marylanders have been gambling 24-7.

"Can't sleep, come on out and play," a man said.

"It gives you somewhere to go late at night when nothing else is open other than Walmart," a gambler said.

"All hours of the night, you know? Just come in your pajamas. Come on," a woman said.

Those all-nighters and the addition of table games meant more hires.

"We just launched 122 live Vegas-style table games, where we put an additional 800-to-1,000 people employed," said Rob Norton, Maryland Live! Casino.

Maryland Live! Casino continues to be a work in progress, now building a poker room.

"Over 50 poker tables that will be in our state of the art poker room, which will include a dedicated tournament floor. And another 200 employees will be joining the team to launch that room," said Norton.

Maryland Live! is already taking applications for a dealers school, in session next month. With 4,200 video lottery terminals, it is the biggest slots operation in the state.

Slots raked in $38 million for Maryland Live! last month. Table games drew nearly $8.5 million.

"At the end of the day, we actually almost doubled our workforce. We went from about 1,200 employees to about 2,400 employees here at Maryland Live! Casino," Norton said.

The poker room adds another 200 employees.

"I'd rather be behind the scenes dealing versus playing and spending my money," said Tisha Shaw, who's applying for a job in the poker room.

They're taking applications right now.

Gambling continues to expand in Maryland. The Rocky Gap Resort license was awarded Wednesday, and they can operate now at any time.

Maryland Live! says it has openings in all parts of its operation, not just dealers. To apply, click here.

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