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Maryland Weather: Heavy Rain Brings Flash Flooding To Parts Of State; Multiple People Rescued From Stranded Vehicles

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Thunderstorms packing heavy rain led to flash flooding across parts of Maryland Wednesday.

The storms brought one to two inches of rain in a short period of time, with some isolated areas seeing up to four inches.

Parts of Howard County saw floodwaters tear up trees and knock down power lines. Numerous roads were closed due to high water.

Flash flooding triggered sirens to sound in low-lying historic Ellicott City. Officials said when the sirens sound, people should seek higher ground.

Whenever it rains in Ellicott City, residents think back to devastating floods in 2016 and 2018. Wednesday was no different for Chuck Kindred, a bartender at Phoenix Upper Main.

"The river was moving pretty good underneath our building," he said.

In nearby Oella, devastating rain flooded parts of the Patapsco River.

Off Bonnie Branch Road, Bridgette Stumpf saw what she described as a river of debris.

"It sort of looked like just a wave washing onto the main road," she said.

Near the Howard-Anne Arundel County line, crews were called to rescue a driver whose vehicle was swept away by several feet of water. The driver was on the roof of the vehicle waiting to be rescued.

Flooding was also reported in parts of Baltimore.

Emergency crews responded to multiple water rescues, including one on Key Highway in which good Samaritans tried to use their own car to pull another car from the water.

The driver of the flooded vehicle, Conor Gray, said he misjudged how deep the water was.

"I tried to put it in park and it just shut off on me all at once," he said.

Also in south Baltimore, water quickly filled city streets, leaving some vehicles up to their hoods.

As quickly as the storms arrived, they left, leaving behind wet streets and vehicles in need of repairs.

Gray said the storm also showed the power of a helping hand.

"The people at 7-Eleven and some bystanders, (it) goes to show that even though it's a pandemic and some pretty tough times, people are still willing to help out other people," he said.

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