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Maryland Weather: A Seasonably Warm Christmas

Hi Everyone!

We are certainly looking at a mild Christmas Eve/Day 2021. A lot of consistency in the forecast not only tonight but through the weekend. Generally speaking our forecast highs, and lows, are 10 to 15 degrees above the averages for this time of year. (And in some cases closer to 20° above average.)

We will see the second of two "holiday clippers" dive out of Ontario during the late-night, and overnight. And as discussed yesterday, the effects will be minimal. Zero chance of frozen precip or road issues. And the very light rain should be gone by midday.

Do we say mild or warm with a high of 63° on Christmas? Frankly, I am leaning toward warm. And not only that but we will stay in the low 60's for two or three solid hours. And adding to those warm numbers the sun returning more and more hour by hour will just make for a grand afternoon.

Sunday will even be brighter and almost just as mild. If you are in that gift return mode the weather will cooperate. If you are in the Sunday Funday mode the weather will cooperate.

We stay mild if not real mild at times next week as we march toward New Year's Eve, and 2022. It will be damp at a time Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Not a lot of rain but another couple of systems will pass by to our North, not unlike we will see tonight and saw last night.

Some computer modeling is showing a bit of a chance of some snow North and west overnight Sunday into Monday morning but with a low of 37° forecast around the Metro, I can't get too excited about this now. BUT we will watch the modeling for you and stay alert to this potential through the weekend.

Be safe, be well, and enjoy the beautiful vibe of the entire holiday season.

Marty B!

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