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Marilyn Mosby's Supporters Vow To Fight Following Federal Charges, Lawyer Asks For Quick Trial

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- For the first time, Marilyn Mosby's attorney A. Scott Bolden took questions from reporters about her federal indictment. He said he wants a swift trial and promised a vigorous defense.

"Marilyn Mosby is not going to be the only one on trial." Bolden said. "The U.S. Attorney's Office is going to be on trial, the criminal justice system and its attacks on Black, female, progressive prosecutors is going to be on trial."

Bolden defended Mosby's withdrawals from her retirement account and said she had no knowledge of a federal tax lien against her. Both are the basis for perjury charges and allegations she made false statements on her mortgage applications.

Bolden lead supporters chanting "I stand with Marilyn Mosby" and took aim at the U.S. Attorney's Office for what he called a "politically-motivated" prosecution.

Bolden bristled at allegations Mosby lied when withdrawing from her 401k, falsely claiming she was eligible for coronavirus relief to avoid tax penalties. She used the funds to buy two Florida vacation homes.

He said Mosby was impacted by covid because of her side businesses, including a travel company, even though Mosby herself wrote previously that "I have not taken on a single client for these companies, nor have I taken any money."

Bolden said, "I'm telling you those businesses were running and they were pursued and they were legally on the books."

You can read about the Baltimore Inspector General's previous investigation into Mosby here.

WJZ asked Bolden whether he expected more charges were coming and whether he was surprised at the current charges, given the government's extensive probe into Mosby's financial records. "What's the U.S. Attorney for Maryland say? What does he say? Is he surprised? Because I don't run the government. All I do is defend clients who are accused of doing bad things, and I emphasize accused," Bolden said.

Mosby's lawyer also criticized the lead prosecutor who brought the case,  Leo Wise, for donating to her political opponents.

Wise prosecuted officers in the Gun Trace Task Force and Mayor Catherine Pugh. "The driver of the negative native, he gives not once but twice to her opponents four years ago and sees nothing wrong with that," Bolden said.

The U.S. Attorney's office was closed Monday and unavailable for comment. They typically do not comment on ongoing investigations.

Supporters at Monday's event included Willie Flowers, the president of the Maryland state conference of the NAACP, who said, "When the ballot didn't work, they went after the credibility of her family."

The event concluded with a plea to donate to Mosby's legal defense fund.

State's attorney Mosby has proclaimed her innocence several times since being indicted. She spoke about the investigation at church on Sunday and also during prepared remarks before reporters on Friday. The indictment was filed Thursday afternoon.

"I'm here before you today to state unequivocally that I am innocent," Mosby said last week. "I intend to do what I've always done since I became state's attorney for the city and in the city that I love—fight. I will fight these charges with everything I have in me, and I will be victorious."

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