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Marilyn Mosby's 1-year house arrest for perjury, mortgage fraud convictions to start June 20

Marilyn Mosby to start 1-year house arrest on June 20
Marilyn Mosby to start 1-year house arrest on June 20 00:32

BALTIMORE -- Marilyn Mosby, Baltimore's former top prosecutor, will start her one-year house arrest on June 20 for her perjury and mortgage fraud convictions.

She has officially filed an appeal on both convictions.

Mosby's lawyers asked that she be allowed to use common areas in her apartment building as part of her list of approved places she can go, according to court documents obtained by WJZ. Her lawyers said the allowance would let her use the spaces when her daughters visit.  

The judge approved the request, saying Mosby will be monitored electronically and can only leave her residence for work, education and other approved reasons.

Mosby was sentenced on May 23 to three years of supervised release and 12 months of home confinement

Mosby also filed for an appeal to get her Florida condo back, which she had to forfeit along with 90% of the proceeds.

Her lawyers argue that while her appeals are pending, she shouldn't have to give up her property.

They say the judge wrongly ruled she should have to forfeit the condo in Longboat Key, Florida and in new filings, are demanding an appeals court overturn the order.

Mosby was found guilty in two separate trials of lying on a mortgage application and for COVID-related hardship withdrawals from her retirement account.  

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