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'Madam Secretary' Brings Political Drama To The Sunday Night CBS Lineup

WASHINGTON (WJZ)—A new political drama comes to CBS! "Madam Secretary" shows you the inner workings of politics. And there was a premiere screening Thursday night in D.C.

Linh Bui chatted with the stars and has a sneak peek.

Before "Madam Secretary" joins "The Good Wife" on Sunday nights, Washington rolled out the red carpet.

The cast of "Madam Secretary" joined a former secretary of state and political correspondents at the premiere screening in Washington.

Tea Leoni plays Elizabeth McCord, a former CIA agent who gets pulled back into the beltway.

"She's very approachable and down to earth, and hopeful, which I like. And she also, really, is flying by the seat of her pants," Leoni said.

Her first task as secretary of state? Free two young Americans captured in Syria.

WJZ got to interview Leoni and Tim Daly, who plays her husband.

Bui: "The storylines are ripped from the headlines. Tell us more about it. Did you do any research? Did you spend any time in D.C. or this area?"

Daly: "I've met Hillary Clinton and Madeleine Albright. I love her!"

Leoni: "Who Tim has a crush on."

Daly: "She's hot. We had a dinner together at the White House correspondent's dinner. She's really a darling woman. Tea spent some time with her, our executive producer as well. So she's a good inspiration for this show."

"Madam Secretary" is another CBS drama with a strong female character in a position of power.

Morgan Freeman was also at the premiere in Washington. He's the executive producer of the show.

Catch "Madam Secretary" on CBS on Sundays at 8:30 p.m.

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