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Local Jesuit Priest Discusses Pontiff's Visit

WASHINGTON (WJZ) -- As we experience the Holy Father's historic first visit to the United States, we realize Pope Francis is no stranger to making history. Not only is he the first Latin American Pope, he is also the first Jesuit priest Pope.

Marcus Washington sat down with a local Jesuit priest about the order and the excitement the Papal visit has generated throughout the country during his visit.

He is the leader of the Catholic church, with more than 1.2 billion members worldwide.

"He's humble, he's passionate---just the way he is, I like everything about him," said Monica Camacho-Perez.

Pope Francis, for many, seems different---more relatable, more one with the people.

"He's just a different personality. He has a different approach in the sense of the way he speaks, the way he comes," said Julia Vidmar.

"His message has been such a message of hope," said Father Robert Hussey, Provincial of the Maryland Province of the United States.

To better understand Pope Francis and his approach to the doctrine, we sat down with Jesuit Priest Father Robert Hussey.

"I was excited because he has been so inspiring for so many and that we can have that personal experience of him and so many people in this area could then see him and listen to him," Father Hussey said.

Like Pope Francis, Father Hussey is part of the Society of Jesus, called Jesuits, who typically focus on education---not becoming a bishop, which often is the path of a Pope.

"The Jesuits have always had a big concern for the poor and for social justice and so that coming out of his character is seen and just the priority he's placed there, the genuineness of his concern," he said. "A Jesuit is a sinner but called to be a companion of Christ and I think you can see that in, both of Francis himself, self-identification in that genuine humility that's there, but he's even talked about himself as being a sinner."

He's the Holy Father that somehow has created a connection many Catholics say they have never felt before Pope Francis.

"His message is so clear and so full of hope and I love it that he's on Twitter and his Tweets get reTweeted thousands of times," said Melissa Pelaez.

"That integrity to who he is, that's both a religious leader but one who then makes real what that is, not only in his words but in his gestures," Father Hussey said.

Gestures that have reached beyond the doors of the Catholic church.

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