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Keep Your Glow: Best Spray Tan Salons In Baltimore

Sunbathing season is winding down but you are probably not ready to say good-bye to the summer glow you earned from your days lounging at the beach. Tanning beds can be very dangerous and cause unsightly and unnecessary wrinkles. The solution is sunless tanning to maintain your bronzed skin all year round. Sunless spray tanning and airbrush tanning are becoming more popular alternatives to baking your skin under harsh lights. Not only will you look great now; you will not see unhealthy results in the future. This is a list of convenient, enjoyable and affordable tanning salons that are fantastic places to go to keep your skin aglow.
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Bodyworks Tannery
6325-J Washington Blvd.
Elkridge, Md. 21075
(410) 379-8285

When fall begins to approach and the days get shorter, you may feel a bit melancholy and mourn the lost days of summer. All you need is to stop into Bodyworks Tannery and you are transported for a short time back to your summer getaway. This salon aims to give its guests the full beach experience when they come in to tan. Palm trees and surfboards can be found all over the place. In addition to the laid-back ambiance, Bodyworks offers affordable pricing on custom airbrush tanning. The trained professionals use three different types of bronzers to give you the best sunless tanning results.

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Palm Beach Tan
7918 Belair Road
Baltimore, Md. 21236
(410) 882-3770

Some of you may be intimidated by someone getting up-close and personal with an air brusher. For those who don't want to strip down in public, a personal spray tan booth will solve your problem. At Palm Beach Tan you can choose between VersaSpa™ and Mystic Tan™ spray booths. These sunless tanning booths use a unique combination of aloe vera and DHA (the active ingredient in all sunless tanners) to moisturize your skin while applying the tan to ensure that your color lasts as long as possible. This tanning process is private and efficient. You are in and out of the salon in less than 20 minutes. Palm Beach also offers a buy-one-get-one-free coupon for sunless sessions on their website.


Aruba Sun & Spa
32 Cranbrook Road
Cockeysville, Md. 21030
(410) 666-2523

Aruba Sun and Spa is a fantastic combination of an exclusive spa feel and affordable prices. During your visit to Aruba Sun you can indulge in a Swedish massage and have your choice of a customized airbrush tan applied by a salon professional or a quick Mystic Tan™ session. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful without the pressurizing customers to purchase products and packages. If you want to treat yourself to an afternoon of pampering or you are just swinging by on your way home from the gym to spruce up your color, Aruba Sun will fulfill your needs. First time guests can also enjoy $5.00 off their first airbrush session.

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Hollywood Tans
615 Belair Road Ste. V
Belair, Md. 21014
(410) 339-9800

Hollywood Tans is where efficiency and personalization meet comfort. Their Mystic Tan™ booths are slightly more involved than other salons. Upon arrival, you can discuss with a staff member which of the four available shades of bronze you would like to use. They will educate you as to which one will look most natural with your own skin tone. You also have the option of adding a tanning accelerator which cuts development time in half. Then, while inside the tanning booth, a recorded voice will instruct you through four body positions to achieve the most even coverage of the tanning mist. The formula used at Hollywood Tans also can last seven to 10 days if properly cared for. Staff will happily instruct you on after-tan care as well.


Tan Stand
6476 Dobbin Way
Columbia, Md. 21045
(410) 884-9330

Tan Stand has always offered top-of-the-line products and equipment. They have locations in all areas of Maryland, so you are sure to find one near you. Tan Stand also offers the VersaSpa™ sunless tanning booths that will extend the life of your tan. The staff is knowledgeable and extremely friendly. Any questions you have about the sunless tanning process and its benefits will be easily answered by a member of the staff. It is a fantastic place to achieve a year round summer glow.

Jenna Clark has been a freelance writer for two years and a blogger for four years. Her current blog gives advice to women about how to look fashionable on a budget. Jenna currently lives in Bel Air with her husband, Brandon, and their two dogs. Her work can be found at

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