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Jason Bonk On Tom Brady Not Appearing In Court Today

Jason Bonk is a sports attorney and litigator with the Cozen O'Connor firm in New York City.

Jason joined Ed and Steve to talk about the Tom Brady appeal case, and whether Brady should be attending the court room or the practice field.

Steve asked Jason what he makes of Tom Brady deciding not to appear at court today. Jason believes that both parties missed an opportunity to settle out of court, which is usually what happens in cases like this one. "It is curious because the judge tried to have an out of court discussion to try to figure this out and it hit a stalemate."

Ed asked Jason whether or not the NFL regular season starting will have an impact on the timetable of Judge Berman making a decision. Jason doesn't believe this to be the case saying, "Judge Berman is no stranger to having celebrities in his courtroom, I think he will rule when he deems it appropriate which is what he already stated. This gives the NFL the leverage. I don't think Judge Berman cares about when the football season starts."

Jason continued by noting that this case has become all about precedent, stating that both sides ego's have gotten in the way of a settlement being reached.

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