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AACo. Officials Explain Decision To Open School After 3 Students Injured

ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) -- Messy conditions and controversy surrounding the decision to keep some schools open Tuesday. There were more than 160 accidents in Anne Arundel County just this morning, several involving students.

Rick Ritter has the details.

That decision got controversial before the school day even started.

Several students were involved in accidents. Two were taken to shock trauma.

Life threatening incidents that have parents outraged and school officials admitting they made a mistake.

One truck load of salt after the other as emergency officials statewide gear up for what's expected to be a messy night.

As Maryland's first snowfall of 2015 continues to wreak havoc on the roadways, putting eyes on every street in the city.

"We basically have been salting, plowing and addressing icy conditions throughout night," Adrienne Barnes said.

This follows a controversial decision not to close schools, or even delay students in Baltimore City in Anne Arundel County, parents left outraged.

"It was terrible, I mean I got up and looked outside and it's snowing, and I'm saying to myself, close," said Tanjala Brown.

The result more than 160 accidents in Anne Arundel County alone on Tuesday morning, several involving students.

Two students plow into a tree before being taken to Show Trauma, another student hit before crossing a road all on their way to school.

"It could have been mine, I mean it's dangerous out there," said Brown.

Twitter erupts with disgruntled parents and students who brave the dangerous conditions just to get to class, one student takes a picture of their accident in text that reads, "are you happy? I tried to get my education today."

Another tweet reads, "How many hurt kids and car accidents is it going to take Anne Arundel County schools?"

"I'm not mad…I'm, disappointed," said another Twitter user.

A decision officials admit backfired.

"We try to make the best decisions we can make with the information you have, this one certainly didn't turn out the way anyone wanted it to turn out," said Bob Mosier of Anne Arundel County Schools.

Last year Anne Arundel County officials made a similar decision not to delay schools which drew heavy criticism, just like Tuesday's.

Officials say Tuesday will certainly play a role in future decisions left to be made in the winter months ahead.

"We try not to let the past predict the future, but certainly it has impact on us," said Mosier.

Now Luckily there were no fatalities in any of those accidents and Anne Arundel County Schools released a statement late tonight from the school superintendent apologizing for the way things played out on Tuesday and said, "Had I know what we know now, there's no question I would have made a different decision."

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