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How One Baltimore Business Owner Is Carrying On The Legacy Of The Women's Industrial Exchange

BALTIMORE, M.D. (WJZ)  --  In the basement of the old Women's Industrial Exchange on North Charles Street in Downtown Baltimore, one local woman is whipping up gourmet hot dogs while carrying on the legacy of the building.

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"This building… was established… for women to be able to sell their wares," said LaShauna Jones, Co-Founder of Sporty Dog Creations, where she makes the hot dogs from scratch and dresses them up with atypical toppings.

Jones opened the carryout business in 2019 in the historic building. For over 100 years, it has been a place for women to sell goods to support themselves.

"We just feel like our mission is sort of you know, a lot in line with women-owned businesses being able to produce and create something that helps to stimulate their community," said Jones.

Sporty Dog

The hot dogs she sells are unique. Some are jerk chicken-flavored. Another is topped with crab. There is also a vegan frank available with strawberries on top.

Jones also sells hot dogs named after local sports teams. "We have our Ravens dog. Our Baltimore Black Socks dog and we have our "O" dog for the Orioles," she said.


The sausages at Sporty Dog contain no additives and no preservatives. Jones said they are healthier than a traditional hot dog.

There are plans to add an outdoor patio space to business and to make renovations inside the building to allow customers to eat at the old-fashioned lunch counter.

Jones hopes to keep growing her restaurant so she can support other women interested in working in the food business.

"There's not a lot of women owners in the restaurant industry. So, This is just a great opportunity for me to get my foot in and then you know elevate myself so that I can again help to inspire and even help others to do the same."

Sporty Dogs Creations is open Thursday through Saturday from 4 p.m. to 12 a.m. and on Sundays from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m.

The hot dogs can be ordered for pick up and delivery by visiting

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