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Hospitals Seeing An Increase In Cicada-Related Injuries, Doctors Urging People Not To Panic

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Don't freak out if a cicada lands on you. Don't run & don't make violent movements because you could end up hurting yourself.

Car crashes and head injuries have increased because people panic when they encounter a cicada. One teen sprained her ankle trying to get away.

"I was outside feeding my dog and I felt a cicada land on my neck, and when I tried to get it off I started running," said Kiersten Forbes. "I didn't try to stand up. I started calling my mom because I knew I couldn't move it."

However, she is not the only cicada-related injury area hospitals have seen. Doctor Angela Watkins said she has a growing list.  "Multiple lacerations, bruises, broken bones, sprained limbs," said Dr. Watkins of Northwest Hospital.

She wants to remind people that the cicadas can't hurt you. "They don't bite. They don't sting but they are big and scary. So people are causing harm to themselves trying to escape a bug that cant hurt them," Dr. Watkins explained. She added that "not freaking out" is the lesson of the day.

"Do not freak out. They are harmless. They are not going to hurt you," said Dr. Watkins.  "Just try to get them off you subtly and not freak out," said Forbes.

Cicadas might be around through the summer. The Brood X and the annual cicada so remember to remain calm if you encounter one!

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