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Here's How To Avoid Baltimore's Potholes And A Pricey Auto Repair Bill

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Snow, freezing rain, ice, salt—it's a perfect recipe for potholes.

As you can imagine, our recent blasts of winter weather are taking quite the toll on Baltimore's roads.

Residents tell WJZ things have gotten so bad, driving has become a gamble on many local roadways.

"I mean, you can't drive without bumping into a pothole," Niyah Delancy said.

It's these roadway hazards that have residents like Delancy taking extra care when they're out driving.

"Usually it's like a big thump," Delancy said. "You feel yourself hitting it."

That experience isn't unique to Delancy, though. John Carr said it's been an issue for him, as well.

"It messes up the front end of the car," Carr told WJZ.

He isn't wrong.

Potholes can cause blown tires and dented rims, among other car problems. Experts say some potholes are so deceptive, they look like shallow puddles to unsuspecting eyes.

Tim Lutz, car care manager for AAA in Abingdon, said a hole might look like it's only two inches deep.

"It could go a foot down for all you know, because it's just filled with water," Lutz said.

The repair bills can really add up, especially if your car's suspension or steering system is damaged.

"I'd say more than 40% of the roadside calls are tire related," Lutz said.

That's why AAA wants drivers to keep a few things in mind to avoid breaking the bank.

Perhaps the easiest way to avoid a pricey repair bill is to pay close attention to the road ahead of you. If you can't, then at least try to slow your vehicle down before you drive over a pothole.

"You want to make sure you're keeping an eye on tire pressures, the tread depth on them, the actual age of the tires---all of these can contribute to severe tire damage from a pothole," Lutz said.

If you spot a spot a pothole within Baltimore City limits, you can report it by calling 311.

Officials say pothole repairs made over the winter will be temporary until spring when the holes can be permanently filled in.

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