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Health Officials Share Ways To Keep Children Safe This Holiday Season

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Halloween is right around the corner and before you know it the holidays will be here. Plenty of families are getting travel plans ready but the big question many have is how do u keep kids safe who are still unvaccinated?

It's never too soon to start making those holiday plans.

"For Thanksgiving, we will stay local," said Raina Crawford.

But this year, the big question is: will it be safe for unvaccinated kids?

"For us, last year was about keeping the grandparents safe. This year is now about keeping our kids safe," said Crawford.

Raina Crawford has two kids under the age of nine. She says when it comes to making holiday plans this year, safety is a top priority.

"I really miss seeing the extended families but just kind of the domino effects. It's not worth it, plus I don't want my kids to get covid, " said Crawford.

Right now only the Pfizer shot is approved for kids over 12 but an FDA advisory committee is set to meet next week to consider allowing the shot for kids five to 11.

Until a vaccine is approved, it's putting a pause on holiday planning.

"Last Christmas, we did nothing. So this Christmas, they are asking to do things and go over family members' houses and I'm like mhm maybe. We might but I have to make sure everyone is vaccinated," Kendra McCoy.

Doctors say there is a way to keep kids safe this holiday season and it all starts with knowing the risks.

"The best thing to know is where you're going how you're getting there and who's going to be there, " said Dr. Scott Krugman at Sinai Hospital.

Dr. Krugman says if you're having a large family gathering, encourage eligible family members to get vaccinated or to quarantine before the gathering.

If you're planning to fly, he says airlines have been doing a good job making sure travelers are masked up.

"The safest thing is to test yourself 72 hours before going, " said Dr. Krugman. He added you can always get the family tested. "Make sure you're negative and if everybody does that you can be pretty safe and not worry about the kids."

The CDC says wearing a mask indoors is important, no matter your vaccination status. Another option is to always bring the party outside.

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