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Governor Says Meeting Pope Was "Highlight Of My Life"

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Governor Larry Hogan says his meeting with Pope Francis was the highlight of his life.

Pat Warren explains the governor's reaction to the remarkable occasion.

When Governor Hogan went to meet the Pope, Pope Francis knew about his battle with cancer.

"He held my hand in both of his hands, looked me in the eye with a smile and didn't say anything, just nodded knowingly. Then I said, `Holy Father, would you say a prayer for all the people afflicted with cancer?'" Hogan said.

All this month, Governor Hogan has promoted Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Taking a group of cancer survivors to the Ravens home opener Sunday was just the latest in his effort to promote awareness and outreach.

Last week, Pope Francis reached out to him.

"I was standing on the tarmac at Andrews Air Force Base. I was first in line with Secretary of State John Kerry standing next to me. I shook his hand again; he took my hand in his hands. He looked me in the eye and he said, `I pray for you.' Then he grabbed me by the shoulders, repeated again, as if to say, `I'm not kidding; I'm not joking around. I'm serious, not just saying this.' I pray for you. And smiled and got on the plane," Hogan said. "It was incredible."

Governor Hogan says he's met presidents, but nothing compares to the Pope.

Governor Hogan is in treatment for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

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