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Glenn Younes: 2014 Ravens Offseason Needs

It's unknown at this time which free agents the Ravens will retain of their own, the full draft order or who will be available on the street. There are, however, a few core needs for Baltimore's football team and I'll try to make a simple argument for what I feel they need and why. I'll not be breaking the atom, just a few obvious needs to me.

Offensive line, offensive line and offensive line: a top need and while I may be exaggerating a bit they need help protecting the franchise QB. With both tackles in Monroe & Oher being free agents and Center Gino Gradkowski producing at a less than par effort, the Ravens need help bad. The hope is to keep Monroe at a team friendly price, get Kelechi Osemele back fully healthy at either RT or LG and either sign or draft the rest. Ryan Jensen will be in his 2nd season, he could an option at Center and Rickey Wagner at Guard. Then again if they were that good we may have seen them late in the season. That said, this teams was in a playoff hunt till the end, not a time to grow a pair of rookie linemen. Yanda has the RG spot on lock and should be healthy, much more dominate.

Re-sign Middle Linebacker Daryl Smith. He was a stabilizing force in the middle and with not a single guy on the roster that can replace him, Smith is a MUST. Look for Art Brown to be the weak side LB. Interesting to see what happens to Jameel McClain as his cap number is over 4 million. I'd guess he would at least listen to a pay cut convo.

Yeah I know they need a WR. I heard the same press conference you did, I was there in person. Big, strong, 3rd down, red zone, yards after catch wide out. I know I know. Pitta too. He's the BFF of the QB and he needs to be back for all the reasons just mentioned and then some. Most want a WR first and they very well may get that wish granted.

The more pressing needs, to me, are in other areas. I know they are game changers coming out of college and if one is there you pluck them out. That's fine with me. I'm just telling you if that line is swiss cheese even Calvin Johnson here in Baltimore would be a waste.

Proper franchises know the simple and important truth of football, passing league, running league or not... You build winners from the inside out. We already know Flacco can win a Super Bowl. That piece is in place. The line is not and when it's right, so too will this football team be.

The offseason is a mystery but the problems are clear, how they'll be solved is the interesting part.

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