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Glenn And Casey Stern Talk Steroids And Replay In MLB

Glenn and Casey Stern Talk Steroids and Replay in MLB

Casey Stern with MLB Network Radio joined the Glenn Younes show to talk about Ryan Braun, Alex Rodriguez and the new replay system in baseball.

Apparently, Ryan Braun was telling other players that the urine test handler, Dino Lorenzi, was a Cubs fan as well as an anti-semite. It is assumed he was doing this to make himself look like the victim. Glenn asked Casey his opinion on Ryan Braun after this new news. "For this guy to bring religion into it. To sink to a level where he's talking about this guy hating jews. He already ruined his life because he took away his livelihood, now you're basically smearing this guys character." Casey elaborated and said, "the guy is a sick individual, and to be honest with you; I think he's the worst of them all."

Casey said that Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez both know who they are but Ryan Braun is the most two faced of them all. He elaborate on his worst of them all statement by saying,"Ryan Braun played off to be everyone's best friend…if theres ever a snake in the grass that we've seen in sports, right after Lance Armstrong, this is the guy who should represent this sport. He's the worst of them all."

Later on in the conversation, Glenn brought up the new replay system in the MLB. This new system will only allow one "challenge flag" in the first 6 innings, then two more for the remaining innings. He asked Casey what he thinks of this new replay system. "I love replay. I think baseball needs it…but this is not the way to do it." He went on to say, "the fifth ump in the booth is the way to do it." Regarding the "fifth ump in the booth" Casey said that the umpire would sit upstairs and review plays. If he sees something fishy, he tells the umpire on the field to stop time and review the call. "To put this in the managers hands was ridiculously assanine."

Listen to the full interview here and follow Glenn Younes on twitter @gunitradio and don't forget the hashtag #GYshow.

Casey Stern is also on twitter @CaseyStern. Give him a follow as well.

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