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Girl Scouts Of Central Maryland Sends Over 1,000 Cookie Boxes To Active U.S. Troops

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Local girl scouts are supporting our active troops, one cookie at a time.

"We've seen the ramp-up in deployments, we felt we were called to fill the need," said Tammy Ray, the community relations manager of Babylon Vault Company.

The Girl Scouts of Central Maryland spent Tuesday morning loading up an SUV with 1,260 boxes of Girl Scout cookies to donate to active-duty military service members.

"To let them know they are thought of, they are loved and we appreciate the service they provide to the communities," said Terry Mercer, director of product sales with Girl Scouts of Central Maryland.

It's all part of a partnership with the Babylon Vault Company's "Stuff the Trailer" care package drive.

"Our company decided with our second-generation owner, who was a navy veteran who lost his brother at sea, that we wanted to be able to recognize him… and basically carry forward his passion for veterans," Ray said.

Retired veteran William Norvell is a volunteer at America's Warriors Care Package Projects, an organization helping make these efforts happen.

"It's very enlightening to see how many people actually come together to help our troops," Norvell said.

Norvell remembers getting care packages from his family and loved ones while serving overseas.

"It just made me feel that good because it was something extra that we had that we didn't have," he said.

"A lot of these men and women do not get the letters or the packages from family, so we become their extended family. So, these care packages really truly are from the heart," Ray said.

Organizers say it's also important to make sure the value of freedom is taught to future generations.

"Having youth involved means our troops were not forgotten, to teach them the value of freedom… that is extremely important that our youth know that and respect our veterans in every way," Ray said.

"Girl Scouts started out by giving service. It has been part of the cornerstone of our organization and what we teach our girls as part of great leadership skills,' Mercer said.

The packages will include everything from personal care items to handwritten notes. Organizers are hoping to provide a sweet treat for those on the other end receiving them.

"Someone who's always been able to get girl scout cookies in the states, when you send that to them and they haven't had it in quite a few years, it brings back that warmth and that caring and that joy they felt," Mercer said. "To know someone thought about them to send it to them and say thank you for what they're doing, it means so much to them."

Residual donations will be accepted through the end of the week at Babylon Vault Company's New Windsor location.

The packages will be put together and shipped by the end of the month to be delivered to active troops by mid-July.



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