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The FBI Is Looking To Fill Over 1K Special Agent Vacancies, Here's How You Can Make The Cut

WASHINGTON (WJZ) -- Thousands of special agents are needed to round out the nation's premier law enforcement and intelligence agency; the FBI.

At first, it's a lot of paperwork and interviews; but then, one must pass the FBI fitness test.

The four components themselves might not be all that difficult, but when put together, it's quite a challenge.

The test requires situps, a sprint, pushups and a mile and a half run; all timed with very little rest in between.

To work for one of the most elite law enforcement agencies, one must be ready to start training.

"The FBI for this fiscal year is looking to hire approximately 1,100 special agents across the board," Alfred Watson, Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the Baltimore Field Office, said.

About 26,000 people have to apply because less than five percent make the cut.

Watson said the reward is worth the work.

"Try it, you'll love it," he said, "It's a career like none other."

Right now, the FBI needs diversity; men, women, minorities and people with various professional backgrounds.

The FBI put WJZ's Rachael Cardin through the whole test. No special treatment, just grit with the camera rolling the entire time; and she passed!

Thanks to a new app, proper training and the right mindset, you could too.

If you think this might be a good job for you, the FBI is looking to fill 1,100 positions.

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