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Government Leaders Preparing Ellicott City Business Owners, Residents For Potential Flooding Ahead Of Stormy Summer Weather

ELLICOTT CITY, Md. (WJZ) -- It has been a year since floodwaters devastated historic Ellicott City.

With severe summer weather looming, Howard County officials are bracing for another potential disaster.

Howard County Executive Calvin Ball and Howard County Delegates went door to door on Main Street on Thursday to hand out preparedness packets and to talk with merchants.

"How to prepare, what to look for, great information so that people feel safe and sound here in Ellicott City," Ball said. "I know that's a nice little tool and everyone appreciates the time that went into this."

The owners of Vintage Chic opened their shop a month ago, knowing the risk of flooding.

"You just go on and live day-to-day and hopefully that day is never going to happen again," an Ellicott City local said.

But officials want to be ready if it does happen again.

"Not only something that Howard County government is doing, but we're partnering with our state and local partners," Ball said. "We're making sure everyone continues to focus on Ellicott City."

The city also has an outdoor emergency flood alert.

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