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Ed Norris: Commissioner Stern, Are You Serious?

Today Ken Weinman and I talked about the exchange between Jim Rome and NBA Commissioner David Stern.

Rome asked Stern a  question about whether or not the NBA lottery was fixed as some people believe. Rome simply voiced what many think and Commissioner Stern reacted very defensively and initiated a rather uncomfortable exchange between the two. Trust me, I'm no Rome apologist but he was completely justified asking a simple, obvious, softball question that has been the topic of much debate.

It completely baffles me how Stern thought it was a ridiculous question when this issue has come up several times over the years as far back as when Patrick Ewing came into the league. The sad reality is that sports fixing is real and and ugly part of history for just about all our major sports and to pretend that it never existed is indeed ridiculous .

Stern said shame on Rome for asking the question, I say shame on Stern for blowing it off.

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