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No Immediate Release For Coast Guard Officer Christopher Hasson

GREENBELT, Md. (WJZ) — The Coast Guard lieutenant accused of plotting a killing spree from inside his Maryland apartment is not a free man yet.

In front of a judge Tuesday, Christopher Hasson's attorney argued for his release again, narrowing in on a plan that could send him to live with his in-laws pending trial.

The latest bail hearing comes months after investigators discovered a stockpile of weapons, bullets and illegal gun silencers inside Hasson's Silver Spring home.

Coast Guard Lieutenant Hit List
This image provided by the U.S. District Court in Maryland shows a photo of firearms and ammunition that was in the motion for detention pending trial in the case against Christopher Paul Hasson. Prosecutors say that Hasson, a Coast Guard lieutenant is a "domestic terrorist" who wrote about biological attacks and had a hit list that included prominent Democrats and media figures. He is due in court on Feb. 21 in Maryland. Prosecutors say Hasson espoused extremist views for years. Court papers say Hasson described an "interesting idea" in a 2017 draft email that included "biological attacks followed by attack on food supply." (U.S. District Court via AP)

Included with the stockpile was a hit list that had the names of high profile Democratic lawmakers, two Supreme Court justices and journalists.

Charging documents said Hasson wanted to murder innocent civilians on a scale, "rarely seen,"

Prosecutors have painted him as a domestic terrorist intent on killing but haven't brought terrorism charges.


Last month, a judge said he is entitled to be freed ahead of trial for gun and drug charges. Now, they are working on setting the possible conditions for his release.

Those conditions would include a 24/7 hour house arrest and monitoring.

But, the judge stayed on his own order until he and pre-trial services can guarantee those conditions will be met.

Both government attorneys and a pre-trial services representative asked the judge to keep Hasson in custody, arguing his release is not safe for the community.

Prosecutors plan to file an appeal.

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