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Chesapeake Conservancy, Terrain360 Partner To Capture Breathtaking Views Of Maryland's Most Iconic Waterways

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- As the state begins to ease restrictions, some people may not be ready to head out just yet, but that doesn't mean you can't explore some of Maryland's most iconic waterways.

Whether it's exploring the James River, or taking in Fones Cliffs, the Chesapeake Conservancy is helping capture breathtaking views of the Chesapeake.

Partnering with Terrain360, they've been able to capture 360 degree views of 11 rivers and sites along the John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail.

They are in process of documenting their 12th Chesapeake treasure, Tangier Island.

"Because of climate change, the island will eventually wash away. So we're trying to capture that -- the essences of the island -- as much as we can," Ryan Abrahamsen, Owner of Terrain360, said.

200,000 ultra-high resolution images will be stitched together to create a 360 degree tour.

WJZ's Sean Streicher: This seems like it's as close as you can actually be to being there, without actually being there?

Abrahamsen: 100 percent right. It's literally the closest you can be without being on the island.

Kelly Powers is responsible for operating the boat and capturing the images.

"It's kind of remarkable because not only am I taking photos of it, I'm experiencing it first hand," Powers said.

You will soon be able to experience this yourself, free of charge on the Chesapeake Conservancy website and on

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