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Casa De La Cultura showcases Latin-x art in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month

Casa De La Cultura showcases Latin-x art in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month
Casa De La Cultura showcases Latin-x art in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month 01:54

BALTIMORE -- As we continue to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month, we are diving into the Latinx art community.

A new exhibit at Casa De La Cultura is highlighting local Latino artists from all over the world. It is a part of Nuestras Raices Inc., a community-based Hispanic/Latino cultural organization, founded by Angelo Solera in Baltimore in 2019.


"I think it's basically like this is a  really great opportunity for emerging artists as well for experience or you know, to showcase you know, the different aspects you know, from the, the Latin culture you know, because it's so different, you know, from Argentina to Mexico, we all different we're not the same," said Pablo Cevallos, a sculptor and jewelry designer. 

And even before you walk inside Casa De La Cultura -- you see how art, culture, and storytelling come alive.

"I think that's part of the richness of our culture. And this is just one platform that helps us to present that to the world and to Baltimore," said Daniela Godoy, an Ecuadorian artist. 

"We are all not one-sided, Latino Latinos, like we aren't stereotypical. We have very many layers."

"Many things inspire me. It could be my culture, a chain of events. It could be an article I read, a song heard– in fashion, it could be anything," a local Baltimore artist known as 'Lovoz' told WJZ.

Each piece on display at the community center gives emerging artists a chance to showcase their work but also highlight the stories of Latin-X and Hispanic culture and heritage.

"It makes me feel like finally we have something here where we can come and network and we can showcase our artwork. We can show the world that we're more than just what they see or perceive," said Lovoz.

"My art really is a continuation of 10,000 years of pre-Hispanic heritage. I grew up with that my whole life and that's what my art really represents," said Cevallos.

Each artist wants those from the Latin-X culture— any culture — to remember to stay rooted in their heritage and never shy away from it. 

"They don't know the background that you come from, and you have to explain yourself and stand up for what you are, and basically say, No, this is what I am, and I want to express that way, " said Cindy Roman, a Columbian first-generation artist.

"Remember you are indigenous to this land, whether North Central, south, or the Caribbean —you are rooted in the way you know your roots. The more you walk around here with your chin up, hold your head up high," said Lovoz.

The artists say having their work on display at Casa De La Cultura is an opportunity for them to show different aspects of the Latin-X community and inspire the next generation. 

"I teach kids and upcoming artists and I want them to basically not shy away and basically not tear themselves down, but actually build themselves up and express themselves through art," said Roman. 

Nuestras Raices says their goal is to contribute to the education, preservation and promotion of the richness and diversity of the Hispanic/Latino culture, art & artistic heritage throughout Baltimore and the world.

You can learn more about Nuestras Raices Inc. and Casa De La Cultura by visiting

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