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Driver hospitalized after box truck slams into Cecilton home

Driver hospitalized after box truck slams into Cecilton home
Driver hospitalized after box truck slams into Cecilton home 02:54

CECILTON, Md. --  One person was hospitalized after a box truck crashed into a home in Cecil County on Wednesday, authorities said.

A driver was out for a delivery in a box truck when the truck crossed into the opposite lane and eventually crashed into the front of the home on West Main Street shortly before 10 a.m., according to the fire chief of the Cecilton Volunteer Fire Company.

Chief Jason Reamy said the owners of the home narrowly escaped injuries.

"The husband and wife were both home—neither one was hurt. No injuries there," Reamy said. "She told us she just left that front room and walked into the back of the house just seconds before it happened."

Reamy said the truck driver was transported to the hospital with minor injuries and it is possible he had a medical issue.

Elise Wiesnegger said she's a nurse and volunteer EMT who lives on the same block, a few houses down. She said she immediately rushed to the crash site.

"When I got there, I noticed the driver was still in the truck. I went under to make sure he was OK. I noticed he was alive and he was able to talk to me," Wiesnegger said.

She described a conversation that she had with the driver, noting "that he kind of blacked out and the next thing he knew he was in the house—so I think it was something medical."

A building inspector has condemned the home, the fire chief said. The home sustained significant damage, including what appears to be a partial collapse.

The chief said the family did not immediately accept assistance from the American Red Cross, but their loved ones will help.

The collision knocked out power to the area nearby. A local business owner said he was told to expect the power to be restored over the next several hours. By 4 p.m., crews reported that the power was restored.

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