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Best Champagne Drinks From Baltimore Mixologists

Local mixologists and bar managers don't put the bubbly away once New Year's Eve has passed. Champagne has become an integral ingredient in many cocktails at Baltimore bars and restaurants. Five local bartenders and bar managers shared their favorite champagne-based drinks available at their bars — or try to make them at home!


The Wine Market
921 E. Fort Ave.
Baltimore, Md. 21230
(410) 244-6166

The Paladin
1.5 oz concord grape-infused cognac
Lemon peel

Price: $9

The Wine Market owner, Christopher Spann, shared a recipe for The Paladin, a champagne cocktail. First, create the grape-infused cognac. Choose a clean, air-tight jar like a quart-sized Mason jar. Wash the grapes, place them inside the jar and fill it with cognac. Shake and cover tightly with a lid. Store the infusion in a cool, dark place for two to three days, shaking three to five times each day. Then, strain the liquor into a clean jar. When it's time to mix the cocktail, chill the infused cognac in a mixing glass, and then strain it into a cocktail glass and top with champagne. Garnish the cocktail with a lemon peel.


Mr. Rain's Fun House
800 Key Highway
Baltimore, Md. 21230
(443) 524-7379

Rules Of The Game
1.5 oz Four Roses Yellow Label bourbon
0.5 oz Cles de Duc Armagnac
0.5 oz pineapple gastrique
0.2 oz Absinthe
1.5 oz champagne
A dash of Decanter Bitters

Price: $11

Mr. Rain's Fun House's mixologist, Perez Klehban, was inspired to create the Rules of the Game, a twist on the classic Seelbach cocktail, by the 1939 film directed by Jean Renior. To make the Rules of the Game, combine the bourbon, Armagnac, pineapple gastrique, Absinthe and bitters into a shaker.  Shake well and set aside.  Pour champagne into rocks glass of ice, and then pour the previously shaken drink into rocks glass and serve. The cocktail is effervescent and dry from the champagne. The sparkling wine adds finesse to the power of bourbon and Armagnac while the pineapple offers inviting fruit notes into an otherwise serious cocktail.

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B&O American Brasserie

B&O American Brasserie
2 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, Md. 21201
(443) 692-6172

Shaddock & Bubbles
3 dashes grapefruit bitters
0.75 oz Campari
1 sugar cube
5 oz sparkling brut

Price: $10

Brendan Dorr, head bartender at B&O American Brasserie, created the sweet and sour Shaddock & Bubbles. Start by placing a sugar cube in a champagne flute. Soak the cube with the dashes of bitters, and then add the Campari. Top the mix with the sparkling brut. Garnish the cocktail with a spiral twist of a grapefruit peel.

iron horse champagne
credit:Iron Horse

Vino Rosina
507 S. Exeter St.
Baltimore, Md. 21230
(410) 528-8600

Classic Champagne Cocktail
A few drops of Absinthe
0.5 tsp sugar or a sugar cube
3 dashes grapefruit bitters
6 oz of champagne
A lemon twist

Price: $11

Vino Rosina's mixologist and bar manager, Elizabeth Williams, serves her classic champagne cocktail with sweet aromas mixed with the champagne. To make the cocktail, drop a few drops of absinthe into a champagne flute. Roll the liquid around the inside of the glass until it is coated and pour out the excess. Place the sugar in the bottom if the glass and add three dashes of grapefruit bitters follows. Slowly pour the champagne into the glass. As it fizzes and fills, the liquid mixes. Top it with about 6 oz of champagne. Curl a twist of lemon above the glass to release the oils and drop in as a garnish.

wit & wisdom tavern

Wit & Wisdom Tavern
200 International Drive
Baltimore, Md. 21202
(410) 576-5800

Imperial Pear
0.5 oz St. Germain
0.5 oz pear brandy
0.5 oz grapefruit, plus the peel

Price: $14

Wit & Wisdom, a Tavern by Michael Mina in Harbor East, used to feature the Imperial Pear. It's no longer on the menu, but those who are "in the know" can order it. To make it at home, combine the St. Germain, pear brandy, and grapefruit. Mix well and top with the champagne. Garnish the Imperial Pear cocktail with a grapefruit peel.

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