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Baltimore Fifth Grader Wins National Competition Asking Contestants To Give Economic Advice To President Joe Biden

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- One Baltimore City fifth-grader just won a nationwide economics competition.

Hundreds of students were asked to answer one question: What economic advice would you give President Joe Biden?

Bella-Grace Annibal gave her advice to the president.

"I propose that we cut military spending to fund for two things, healthcare and education," she said.

This was part of a competition from the Council for Economic Education. It asked students to submit their economic advice to President Biden in 60 seconds or less.

"Fix our healthcare system, free healthcare for every American," Bella-Grace said.

400 students sent in their videos. Bella-Grace won among the third, fourth and fifth graders

"Fix our educational system," she said. "Every child should have access to world-class learning resources and a proper school infrastructure."

The judges included economic experts from Harvard, Princeton, The Ford Motor Company and The Federal Reserve.

Her mom, who is her homeschool teacher, said Bella-Grace came up with the answer all on her own.

"We did a bit of research together on the economy. In fifth grade, you know, it's not something you typically talk about as a subject," Trenessa Annibal, Bella-Grace's mom, said.

Bella-Grace said she hopes President Biden will heed her advice.

"I was really shocked to see how much the government is giving the military, so I thought we could use that money for other things," she said.

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