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Baltimore County mother blames school 'negligence' for disabled child's injury

Baltimore County mother blames school 'negligence' for disabled child's injury
Baltimore County mother blames school 'negligence' for disabled child's injury 02:06

BALTIMORE -- The mother of a disabled Baltimore County middle school student says negligence and laziness led to her son being injured.

Kasheema Jackson says her son Kash was excited to be back in school but is now depressed and back to using a wheelchair after injuring himself making a walk home from a bus stop he never should have been at in the first place. 

"To God be the glory, my boy is walking with his head held high approaching seventh grade," Jackson said.

Kash is back in school for the first time in two years because he has CMT neuropathy and has had both hips replaced as a result of his condition. 

"When he got the OK to go back in the building this year he was like, 'Mom, I want perfect attendance. I'm meeting new friends. I want to be on the basketball team,'" Jackson said. "He was just doing great."

However, Jackson says last week things took a turn.

"This has been a nightmare," Jackson said.

Jackson says Kash has an individualized education plan, known as an IEP, through Baltimore County Public Schools.

As a part of that IEP, Kash is supposed to receive door-to-door transportation service from the county school bus service. 

Last week, Jackson said her son was dropped off from school 500 feet from his front door.

"When you walk down, it's bumpy, it's lumpy and it's steep," Jackson said. "It's very steep."

Kash fell while using his walker and carrying his backpack and lunchbox. 

In a statement to WJZ, a spokesperson for Baltimore County Public Schools said, "Our transportation team is aware of the concern regarding this student and has taken steps to ensure the accommodation plan is fully implemented."

"They failed my child," Jackson said.

On Wednesday morning, Kash was picked up at his front door.

But Jackson is still trying to figure out what happened last week.

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