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Anne Arundel Co. Executive Discusses Solutions For County's Problems

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) -- The problems just keep coming for the government of Anne Arundel County. A convicted executive, hidden cameras and now another turnover in police leadership.

Adam May gets answers from the new county executive.

Finding a new police chief is just one of many issues facing the new county executive. In fact, Wednesday, she revealed another embarrassment for the county's government.

The search is on for Anne Arundel County's third police chief in less than a year. James Teare retired after questions surfaced about his role in the John Leopold misconduct investigation.

Now, Larry Tolliver suddenly quits. He claims his decision is not connected to reports last month that he used homophobic slurs, calling an officer the "f" word and a "rump ranger."

"This was his decision. I didn't urge him [to] either decision. I am doing everything I can to root our issues in the police department," said County Executive Laura Neuman.

In her first in-depth interview with WJZ, Neuman talks about how she's cleaning up after the Leopold scandal, the shocking discovery of hundreds of hidden cameras in county buildings and the public's mistrust of their government.

"To say it's a challenge is an incredible understatement. Through government, there are extraordinary challenges I'm confronted with every day," she said.

In fact, Neuman made another incredible revelation about their 911 call center.

"The flip chart is how we respond to emergency calls," she said.

Yes---1950s style flip charts to guide operators through helping callers, not computers.

"Every department has challenges and we need change county-wide across every department in the county," she said.

County Executive Neuman says she will run for a full term in office next year. She says she needs a lot more time to clean up the mess.

A nationwide search is underway for a new police chief.

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