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10-Year-Old Girl Shot In Head By Stray Bullet On New Year Has Died

ELKTON, Md. (WJZ)—The heartbreak gets worse for a Cecil County family. A 10-year-old girl struck by a stray bullet fired in the air during New Year's celebrations has died. Police are still searching for the person who fired the fatal shot.

Mike Hellgren has reaction from the young victim's family.

Her family says she was taken off of life support Thursday morning, and her organs have been donated.

As loved ones grieved for 10-year-old Aaliyah Boyer, police searched door-to-door in the Cecil County neighborhood where she was shot, looking for the person who fired a gun into the air. A stray bullet hit her in the head.

Her family wants justice.

"They need to pay for what they did, for all these people that they hurt," said Crystal Blackburn, Aaliyah's mother. "She was just having fun, watching fireworks outside with her family, celebrating the New Year."

Police are searching an approximate 5 mile radius around AJS Court in Elkton.

"We're looking for anybody's help, anybody who knows who may have been firing gunshots, specifically what addresses, people, anything of that nature," said Lt. Michael Holmes, Cecil County Sheriff's Office.

Witnesses report hearing lots of gunfire on New Year's Eve.

Police are working with firearm experts. They will recover that bullet and see if it matches any registered guns in the area.

"This is just a horrific incident, something that we've never experienced here in Cecil County," Holmes said.

Aaliyah's family has been dealing with other setbacks. Their Pennsylvania home was broken into while they were at her side at the hospital.  They were robbed of their Christmas gifts.

And they believe people they don't know have been trying to solicit money for a fake fund on Facebook.

"It's a shame that something so tragic is happening and other people are trying to profit from it," said Luzdelia Boyer, Aaliyah's aunt.

But the little girl will live on. Her organs have been donated to other children.

"We had until 10 o'clock to be with her. Within minutes after we all left the room, she brought another little girl back to life," said Richard Lindsey, Aaliyah's grandfather.

"It's such a tragedy. We could not have had better support from the people in this community," said Sherri Blackburn, Aaliyah's grandmother.

The Cecil County Sheriff's Office is asking for anyone who can provide information on whom fired that weapon to call them. If they are able to find the person who fired the gun it will be up to the State's Attorney to decide whether to file any charges.

The family thanks the first responders and staff at Wilmington, Del. Children's Hospital, where Aaliyah was cared for.

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