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How will Biden's executive order restricting asylum work?

How will Biden's executive order restricting asylum work?
How will Biden's executive order restricting asylum work? 21:00

President Joe Biden issues an executive order restricting asylum claims at the U.S.-Mexico border. Congressman Colin Allred criticizes Sen. Ted Cruz after the Senator introduced a bill that would protect IVF access. Two Democratic State House members from Dallas tell political reporter Jack Fink they think they can keep Gov. Abbott and conservatives from passing a school choice bill next year. And Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia sits down with Doug Dunbar to discuss his recent contract restructuring, and why he believes it could be his last.        

Jack Fink covers these stories and more in the latest edition of Eye on Politics (original air date: June 9).

Asylum restrictions

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden announced an executive order that will restrict asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border. 

The order will keep migrants from seeking asylum at the southern border when the weekly average of daily encounters between ports of entry reaches 2,500. According to data from U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, the daily average in May was 3,800.

The new policy will remain in place until the daily average drops to 1,500.

Biden's executive order comes after bipartisan legislation developed in the U.S. Senate to address the issue didn't pass in that chamber. 

"Doing nothing is not an option," Biden said during a press conference announcing the executive action. "I'm moving past Republican obstruction and using executive authorities available to me as a president to do what I can on my own to address the border.

During Biden's administration, illegal immigration at the southwest border has soared to new records. Between Feb. 1, 2021 through April 2024, CBP data shows there have been more 7.8 million encounters.

Former President and presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump blasted Biden's order in a video posted to social media, calling it "weak and pathetic."

Gov. Greg Abbott was similarly critical in an interview with Ken Molestina after the news broke.

"What this order does is it basically says the first 2,500 people, you can get in free with seemingly no consequences," Abbott said. "And after the first 2,500, they say they'll stop providing asylum, but they don't say they'll stop illegal immigration."

Ken also spoke with Paul Hunker, former Chief Counsel with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Dallas. He called the order "inconsistent" with the law allowing noncitizens to apply for asylum.

"President Biden rightly criticized President Trump for similar bars and bans," Hunker said. "And now he's doing that because of the upcoming election."

But some applauded Biden's actions, including Democratic Congressman Marc Veasey of Fort Worth.

"I applaud the president for taking strong, decisive action to do something that BS partisan politics killed earlier this year," Veasey said during a press conference in Washington after the announcement. 

Learn more about this executive action and what it means for asylum seekers by watching this week's episode at the top of this page.

Race for U.S. Senate

Aside from the presidential race this November, the biggest race in Texas is for U.S. Senate. Democratic North Texas Congressman Colin Allred is hoping to unseat two-term Republican incumbent Ted Cruz.

Jack recently sat down with Cruz to discuss the state of the race and his priorities.

Ted Cruz talks about his priorities ahead of his re-election campaign 25:51

Among the topics they discussed, Jack asked Cruz about a bill he recently introduced to protect IVF access.

"The Alabama Supreme Court recently had a decision that produced a lot of uncertainty," Cruz said. "I strongly support IVF, I think it is incredibly important technology."

Cruz said his bill would put an ironclad guarantee in federal law that no state or local government can ban IVF.

We asked Allred about the legislation.

"Let's be really clear," Allred said. "We are here because of Ted Cruz, because of extremists like him who placed technology like IVF at risk ... It's kind of like the thief trying to sell you new locks after they robbed your house."

Democratic State House members vow to block school choice legislation

Democratic State House Members Rafael Anchia and John Bryant, both from Dallas, are vowing to block a school voucher bill favored by Gov. Greg Abbott and conservative Republicans in the Texas House. 

They also told Jack they may support current House Speaker Dade Phelan for the top spot again. 

Watch Jack's full interview with them below:

State House Democrats vow to block school choice legislation next year 17:02

One-on-one with Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia

A few weeks ago, Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia decided to remain in Dallas for an additional three years. But this past week, he told Doug Dunbar once those three years are up, he believes he'll be ready to retire.

Watch more from Doug's conversation with Garcia below.

Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia on the keys to success, improvement and the future 04:30
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