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Dallas police release new body cam video from gunfight with robbery suspect

Dallas police release new body cam video from gunfight with robbery suspect
Dallas police release new body cam video from gunfight with robbery suspect 02:09

DALLAS - Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia is praising his officers who faced down gunfire last week while confronting a suspected armed robber

"We can do all the training in the world to prepare for these events, but when it comes down to it in the end it's just bravery and great policing," Garcia said.

It happened outside an illegal game room where a gun battle ended with the suspect wounded. 

It was the first officer-involved shooting in Dallas this year and it was intense as you'll see from the body cam videos that captured it all. 

Officers were called to the 2900 block of West Wheatland on February 11 after midnight, where a 911 call came in from an illegal game room that was being robbed by two men with guns. 

Police were on the scene so fast the suspects were still inside. 

One of them, 23-year-old Reginald Curry, emerged from the building with a gun and police say he fired 11 rounds before officers returned fire, hitting him in the abdomen and leg.

Police say the other suspect, 33-year-old Horice Williams, was armed with two guns, but arrested without incident. 

The suspects have lengthy rap sheets and one of them just got out of prison last year for aggravated robbery after serving only 16 years of a 20-year sentence. 

"You had an individual that they were not gonna let go, that they wanted to catch, that was trying to kill them," said Garcia. "I mean, without mincing words, an individual that was trying to kill my police officers and they did everything they could to stay in the fight."

The chief also says this should also serve as a warning about the risk people take and the danger they face when they frequent illegal game rooms. 

"We are trying to shut them down as we find them," said Garcia. "They try to do their best to be clandestine and not be discovered."

There is no sign of activity in the building where the game room was operating on West Wheatland Road. A game room police say will likely find another location to try and hide from both law enforcement and violent criminals. 

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