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Walnut Creek Increases Patrols In Downtown Area

WALNUT CREEK (KCBS) – Walnut Creek patrons and shopkeepers said they are happy that the city is finally taking some action and increasing patrols in the downtown area on weekends.

The added police presence comes following a string of late night fights, which resulted in a handful of arrests last weekend. Nine people were arrested, two were hospitalized and three officers suffered minor injuries in the skirmishes.

The thriving nightlife in the downtown area, with a number of restaurants and bars, remains fairly calm early in the evening.

"It's quiet in here right now, but come 9, 10 o'clock when the kids start coming in, this place is a totally different animal," said Greg, who frequents the downtown area.

KCBS' Mark Seelig Reports:

Along with last weekend's fights, six people were arrested last month after a melee broke out when a bar patron reported that someone stole his gold chain.

Candace has lived in Walnut Creek for more than 20 years and said the recent actions are unfortunate.

"To know that that's going on is disturbing. It breaks my heart because I raised my children here," she said.

Jackie West manages the Pyramid Alehoue on Locust Street. She said it's too bad that a couple of bad apples are making it uncomfortable for everyone else.

"Walnut Creek is a very, very nice area. I think this may be a couple of people, a couple of situations that have gotten out of hand after a lot of alcohol was consumed, said West.

She said she's all for the stepped up police presence, as the last thing anyone wants is for patrons to stay away from Walnut Creek because they feel unsafe.

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