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VIDEO: Frightened Deer Narrowly Escapes Shark Attack In Monterey Bay

MONTEREY (KPIX) -- There was a very unusual encounter in Monterey Bay involving a shark, and of all things, a deer.

Shark researcher Sean Van Sommeran was out on the water when he saw a deer swimming nearby. The doe had apparently been frightened into the water by a dog at Seacliff State Beach.

Van Sommeran says that swimming just on the other side of his boat was a 9-foot great white shark.

"My first approach on the deer, it began to panic. It was kicking so hard it was actually sinking and losing its forward momentum," he said. "So I just kind of backed off. I saw the shark, it was maybe 90 feet away."

Van Sommeran was eventually able to use his boat to herd the frightened deer back to shore.

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