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Vallejo Schoolyard Taunt Leads To Fatal Shooting Between Kids' Fathers

VALLEJO (CBS SF) -- A schoolyard taunt between first graders in Vallejo turned into a fatal showdown between two dads, according to police.

The incident started at Wednesday at Loma Vista Elementary School in Vallejo with two students getting into dispute over a "yo mama" joke.

"Like saying your mama's fat and stuff," said one unidentified student. "They're saying your mama's fat. Yo mama so skinny, she felt through the toilet and stuff."

The next day, the two kids' fathers met and got into a brawl not far away from the school, on the 100 block of Kemper street around 10:15 a.m.

Apparently, during that fight one father pulled out a gun and shot the other father. Vallejo Police said he was treated by medical personnel but was pronounced dead at the scene.

"The street's the street," noted another father who said he knew the victim. "I don't know, it's unfortunate. He was a good dude, though."

The Vallejo Times Herald reported the victim is 51-years-old. Vallejo Police did not identify him, nor the other father involved in the fight and haven't released much information about the case.

It was unclear if the gunman was arrested, and if he'll claim self defense for the shooting.

A number of people reportedly witnessed the fight between the two fathers and the shooting. But very few people are cooperating with the police.

It was Vallejo's 11th homicide of the year.


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