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Vallejo Police Take Running Man Dance Challenge To New Heights

VALLEJO (CBS SF) -- A Bay Area police department is doing a different kind of outreach, with a message that's set to music.

Just two days after hitting the Internet, the video's gotten hundreds of thousands of views and shares on Facebook.

The stars of the video are two of the Vallejo Police Department's very own.

Jerome Bautista is a corporal detective, handpicked by his partner, Officer Joshua Coleman, also with the Vallejo Police Department.

Coleman explained, "I texted him and I was like 'Dude we have to do this' and he was like 'I'm in.'"

Fernando Ventura of 99.7 [NOW!]'s Morning Show "Fernando and Greg" has also taken the running man challenge:

The "running man" challenge, is a trend going crazy over the Internet right now, with even professional athletes taking on the viral dance challenge.

But Coleman and Bautista didn't want to do it alone, and asked a group of teens from Vallejo's Jesse Bethel High School to join.

Areanna Deloney, a Jesse Bethel High School junior, said "There's a lot of stereotypes and they're awesome. They break the stereotype."

With so much tension between communities and police departments, Officer Coleman said this was just one way to reach out to his community.

"We wanted to make the world a better place for one minute and thirteen seconds and I think we accomplished that," Coleman said.

Little did they know the video, that Coleman shot and produced, would go viral.

Not only making Bautista famous for his dance moves, but showing a side of a police department that many don't get to see.

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