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Twitter Knows When You Have A Hangover, Feel Sad

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) - Are Friday and Saturday really the happiest days of the week? Not according to your tweets.

Twitter tracked comments from users and charted the frequency of different phrases to try and determine when we feel certain emotions.

The San Francisco-based social media giant created a monthly matrix of word usage per million tweets to find out what days of the week people declare that they are feeling hung over, sad or happy, as well as when they mention being late for work.

"It turns out that many of us tweet the same ways on the same days," reads a blog post from Twitter.

The data is based solely on 2013 tweets.

According to those numbers, the holiday season appears to be the most emotional time of year, with the highest percentage of "feeling happy" and "feeling sad" tweets. Conversely, wee appear to be fairly even keeled around April and May, as summer nears.

"We've made some data visualizations on this for you to enjoy. Check them out to see if they reflect how you are feeling just about now," says Twitter.

Darker colors indicate a higher volume of tweets:



When do we show up late for work? January and July appear to lead the pack:

Hangovers appear to hit hardest around the Thanksgiving holiday:

Click here for the full post from Twitter.

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