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Top 5 San Francisco Bars for Female Sports Fans

Being a female sports fan is sometimes complicated. Being taken seriously, even in our super liberal and all accepting city, can be difficult. I mean this for the woman who doesn't just know that the Giants won the World Series and Brian Wilson's facial hair is awesome but watches transactions closely, is wary of the pitch count and shouts profanity at the television all while dressed head to toe in team colors. If you are female (though these places are equally fun for the guys), know your curveball from your slider, your cornerbacks from your running backs, and the cruelty of the pipe in hockey, then these are the spots for you to banter along with your fellow sports fans and not get the side-eyes for being a lady in a bar who knows a thing or two about a thing or two.

Pete's Tavern

Pete's Tavern
128 King St
San Francisco, California 94107
(415) 817-5040
Pete's Tavern

Always rocking on days when the Giants are in town, Pete's can also be a great place to catch a Saturday college football game or a midweek hockey game. The place is cavernous, guaranteeing no natural light obstructs your view of the many TVs, including large projection screens. Enough fans of a particular sport and you'll even get sound. Staff is always willing to flip on your game for you, no matter how obscure (this is a staple of all the bars mentioned. If you can't watch your game, what's the point?). Sure, you're going to pay near the ballpark prices for a pint but the chance to yell with and get respect from your fellow sports fans makes it worth it.


Kezar Pub
770 Stanyan St
San Francisco, CA 94117
Kezar Pub

True sports fans are always in attendance at Kezar. 4 p.m. puck drop for an out of market hockey game or kickoff for the Cal/Stanford game, you can find them here en mass. Right off of Golden Gate Park, fans are always friendly and willing to banter. Banter is one of the best parts of watching sports and having always had a fantastic time here with fans of varying degrees of interest in varying different sports has enhanced the experience. Grab a table in the back, get your own TV and have the staff turn it, with sound, to your game. Bonus: the wings are some of the best in the city.


Philosopher's Club
824 Ulloa St
San Francisco, CA 94127
Philosopher's Club

For those of us that live in the far, desolate reaches of the city, the Philly Club in West Portal is a welcome joint for sports watching. The epitome of the comfy dive bar, it is filled with locals and natives who are some of the most knowledgeable sports fans I've ever had the pleasure of chatting with. There is nothing better than getting an insight that I, super fan, wasn't aware of. Long time neighborhood residents are happy to share a story of the player they knew back when. An ode to the Giants in mural form and football helmets from a number of high school, college and pro teams above the bar let's you know this is a place where sports is taken seriously. Sound throughout the bar for important games, reasonable prices and super friendly locals make this a go to for Saturday afternoon football watching.

northstar bar

Northstar Café
1560 Powell St
San Francisco, CA 94133
Northstar Cafe

A welcome corner of North Beach is reserved for this sports heavy bar. Almost always packed with fans of every conceivable team, serving up Labatt's for all you hockey fans who miss Canada, fans at Northstar are chatty and fun. The pool table is free, as is the popcorn. Get there early to get the best view of the TV in the back from one of the back booths and chat away with respectful fans.

steff's sports bar

Steff's Sports Bar
141 2nd St
San Francisco, CA 94105
Steff's Sports Bar

Sometimes you're stuck right around Market Street and need a place to duck in for a pint and a bit of sports watching. Steff's is your place. For what the narrow space lacks in décor, it makes up for in giant flat screens. As people in the neighborhood are usually getting off work and have all sorts of different sports allegiances, finding a friendly patron to discuss the finer points of a game isn't at all difficult. Everyone looking to unwind makes for a casual atmosphere backed by the constant stream of sports games and highlights.

-Lisa Tennenbaum

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