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Tips On Fitting A Swimsuit To Your Body Type From A South Bay Expert

Here comes the sun! With spring upon us, summer is not far behind. It'll be surfin' and sun tannin', summer love and sunset cocktails, sailing across the bay and family afternoons building sand castles. Sounds great, doesn't it? But pick the wrong swimsuit, and summer bloom may feel like a summer bust. Kimberly Gant of Ensemble Consulting assures us that swimsuits don't have to be scary. Just follow these tips to make the best choices, and you'll be looking great.

Kimberly Gant
Ensemble Personal Image Consulting
(954) 600-1247

Before joining Ensemble Personal Image Consulting, Kimberly spent several years in the apparel and fashion industry. She has worked for several San Francisco retailers, including Gymboree and Sephora. She loves fashion, style and people, so working as a personal image consultant has been a perfect fit, just like the clothing she recommends.

Tip 1

Kimberly points out that the first consideration in picking a suit is what activity you'll be engaged in. It makes a difference whether you'll be engaged in a sport like volleyball or surfing, or lying on the beach sunbathing. Make sure you have the right support and structure for the way you'll move in the suit. Also, in selecting the color of your suit, be sure to choose a color that compliments your skin tone before you tan.

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Tip 2

For pear-shaped figures, choose a more active top with lots of details. Make sure that the bottom is a more neutral color. If you prefer a one-piece suit, select a vertical print. If you prefer a solid color, be sure to select a suit that includes some detailing at the top. The main point is to draw attention away from pear-shaped hips and focus it upwards.

Tip 3 

Big bust? Avoid the ruffles and too much detail at the top. You've already got enough. For this body type, you should think the opposite of a pear shape. Instead of detailing at the top, look for detailing at the bottom. Keep the top neutral and you'll look great.

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Tip 4

Let's talk about tummy control. The right choice can definitely make a difference. You want to look for ruching across the front. This look of folded fabric will both hide your bulge and offer a bit of extra support to keep your tummy well tucked. You'll be amazed how effective this is.

Tip 5

Men want to look good too. If your man is big or tall, select longer board shorts with color blocking or a larger scale print. For shorter guys, swim trunks that hit above the knee are the best choice. Shorter men should avoid large scale prints that can be overpowering. For those stout guys who have a little more to love, avoid elastic, prominent ties or banding at the waist and choose prints that have a vertical direction to elongate your frame.

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