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Thousands Of San Francisco Voters Sent Wrong Polling Place Info

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – 115,000 San Francisco voters are getting voter information pamphlets that instruct them to go to the wrong polling place on Election Day.

The San Francisco Department of Elections mailed out the pamphlets to voters who live in a consolidated precinct.

San Francisco Department of Elections Director John Arntz said the printer put on the wrong precinct label for those voters.

KCBS' Barbara Taylor Reports:

"If people see the address 31 Howth Street on their book, they're most likely the ones that are affected by this incorrect printing by the vendor," said Arntz.

Only voters that live in the area of Geneva Avenue and Howth Street should vote at that location on Election Day.

ProVote Solutions prints the voter ballots but vendor Brian Leirman said he's not sure who is responsible for the mistake.

"I am not at liberty to say yet. We're still doing a full analysis," he said.

Postcards are being mailed out this week with the correct precinct locations, with two more scheduled to be sent out before the election on November 8.

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