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The Science And Myths Of Hangover Cures

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — If it's only your head that's ringing in the new year after indulging in a little too much New Year's Eve fun Wednesday night, you might be in need of some help feeling better.

Ever wondered why it feels so bad after drinking too much?

Part of the answer to that question has to do with fluids or a lack thereof.

"When you have a hangover, it's actually cause mostly be dehydration—alcohol is actually a diuretic so your body can actually expel four times as much liquid as you intake if you partook in some libations," Dr. James Pinckey with Diamond Physicians told KCBS.

He said taking Ibuprofen can make you feel better after drinking.

But what about the popular "Hair of the dog" remedy which involves drinking more alcohol?

Pinckey said that is "a myth."

"If you do drink a lot of alcohol, you can actually go into withdrawal the next day so having an alcoholic beverage will help ease the symptoms of withdrawal but won't do anything for your hangover," he said.

Pinckey also said that eating a big greasy breakfast won't help much either, but having a sensible meal before drinking will help.

"Food actually slows down the absorption of alcohol in the stomach and the small intestine," he said.

Finally, he told KCBS that there is no medical research to back up claims that so-called hangover pills, that you see in drugstores, truly work either.

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