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Terminally Ill Cancer Patient Kills Romantic Rival In San Jose Home Before Taking Own Life

SAN JOSE (KPIX 5) -- The discovery of two men found dead in a San Jose home is being investigated as a possible murder-suicide involving a terminally ill man and his romantic rival.

The two bodies were discovered inside a townhouse on the 1500 block of Marlene Way Monday afternoon.

Sources told KPIX 5 the unidentified shooter had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and had recently moved back in with his estranged wife so he could be with his kids in his final months.

He apparently learned his estranged wife had a new boyfriend, and in what may have been a final act of jealousy and rage, killed his wife's boyfriend and himself.

Neighbors said they heard yelling and then what sounded like firecrackers. "You know, I heard the shout 'You m-f,' you know, and then the four shots," said one neighbor who did not want to be identified.

The next day the victim's girlfriend found the bodies and screamed.

The neighbor he ran to the house and saw two bodies – and a flooded kitchen with the water still running.

"I just imagine he probably left the water on to see what was going on, and then was accosted by the guy who was in his house," he said. " And then I saw the victim laying on the floor and the other guy sitting on the couch with a hole in his head."

Neighbors described the woman's boyfriend, who they called Kevin, as a good man.

"He was a super nice guy, super nice neighbor.  Do anything for you.  He seemed to be a great dad for his three daughters.  It's just a tragedy that this all happened."

San Jose Police have not released the identities of either the shooter or the murder victim, except to say that both men were in their 40s.

Police said they are not looking for any additional suspects.

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