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Tech Report: Apple Unleashes Mountain Lion; Not A Dramatic Upgrade

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— Apple released its new Mountain Lion operating system Wednesday, but compared to Microsoft's Windows 8, which was recently released, it's just another breed of cat.

One of the biggest differences is that Apple is integrating the Mac with its iOS devices like the iPad, iPhone, etc. There's a lot more cloud synchronization and similarities between devices.

It still looks and feels like a Mac, but you can send messages with iChat between Macs and iPhones. You can save a bookmark on your Safari web browser on the Mac and then open it up on your iPad or iPhone. So they're really making it advantageous to stick with Apple, which is a great strategy on their part to get people hooked on one of their devices. They then have an incentive to go with other Apple products.

Another cool feature is if you have the $99 Apple TV device hooked up to your television set, you can project your Mac onto your TV.

KCBS Technology Analyst Larry Magid Reports:

At $19.95 Mountain Lion isn't an expensive upgrade and for the most part isn't anything to get terribly excited about.

One thing people will like is the dictation feature. You can now dictate into any program including Microsoft Word, but you have to have an internet connection for it to recognize your voice.

It does take a while to install the latest iOS and there have been initial reports of battery issues, but other reports are saying that goes away once it's been installed for a while.

Microsoft Windows 8 is a dramatic upgrade by comparison. You'll really notice when you go from 7 to 8.

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