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Suspects arrested in brazen Oakland carjackings

PIX Now -- Friday morning headlines from KPIX
PIX Now -- Friday morning headlines from KPIX 10:34

OAKLAND -- Three suspects were in custody Friday morning in connection to a pair of brazen carjacking in Oakland late last month.

Investigators said the suspects were initially taken into custody in connection with a Nov. 27th carjacking. As the victim of that carjacking was exiting her vehicle in the 2200 block of Ransom Ave., she was confronted by three individuals, one of which grabbed her purse, dragged her along the ground and fled in her vehicle.

Three days later, investigators located the carjacked vehicle driving in the 2500 block of Highland Ave. With the assistance of OPD's helicopter, the vehicle was tracked to a dead-end street in the 3300 block of Maybelle Way.

Officers then conducted a felony stop. The driver put the carjacked vehicle into reverse, swiping the patrol vehicle before colliding into a parked vehicle.

He then exited the vehicle and fled on foot. Officers located two other suspects still inside of the carjacked vehicle and took them into custody.

Multiple officers arrived on scene and quickly established a perimeter. A methodical search of the area was conducted, and nearly an hour later, the driver was located hiding in a yard and taken into custody.

During the investigation, officers located a set of keys that the driver of the carjacked vehicle dropped while fleeing.

The keys were not to the vehicle stopped on Maybelle Way so investigators went back to the 2500 block of Highland Ave. 

After activating the key fob's panic alarm, investigators located a second vehicle, which they connected to a separate carjacking that occurred on November 26 in the 1600 block of Foothill Boulevard. In this incident, one of the individuals was armed with a rifle.

The driver of the carjacked vehicle was arrested for two counts of carjacking and possession of a stolen vehicle, and both passengers were arrested for carjacking, one of which also had an outstanding burglary warrant.

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