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UPDATE: Suspect Arrested After Terrorizing Pleasanton Neighborhood With Rifle Fire

PLEASANTOMN (CBS SF) -- A Pleasanton man was arrested late Friday night after he allegedly fired as many as 100 rounds from a rifle, leaving bullet holes in several nearby homes, authorities said.

Neighbors and police say it was random outburst, the man just pulled out his guns and started firing from inside his home. His walls were left riddled with bullet holes.

Neighbors from as far away as Downtown Pleasanton, which is three miles away, said they heard the shots loud and clear.

"As the night went on longer and longer, we just heard more and more shots," said neighbor Ysabella Gonzalez.

Gonzalez lives two doors down from where the shooting happened. She called 911 just after 10 o'clock Friday night.

"I was scared. At first, I was like looking out my window, and I was like 'Maybe I should get away from my window,'" said Gonzalez.

Neighbors said the man who lives in the condo on Arroyo Court kept firing a series of gunshots about every 10 minutes and it lasted for an hour.

Pleasanton police estimated the man fired roughly 100 rounds while he was inside his home. Police kept telling people to shelter in place.

"I was hiding behind the trees over there," said neighbor Darren Willis. "And then (the police) said on the loudspeaker 'For your safety, get out of here.'"

" I'm like you know what, these things are getting louder. I guess that was when he was starting to shoot the rifle, because he was shooting a handgun. And then it got louder, it was a rifle. So that's when I left."

Neighbors said police rescued the next-door neighbor who was trapped. Her bedroom is located right next to the man's condo. Some of the shots hit neighboring houses. Luckily, no one was shot.

"He was saying there were smiley faces at his door and he was using his gun to protect himself," Gonzalez said. "And he run out of ammo, so he jumped out of his window and came over here cause he felt like he needed help from what was at his door. But really the threat was him."

Neighbors said the man appeared incoherent as police detained him. They said he's a veteran living with his wife and three kids. Police said the wife and kids were not around when the shooting took place. A woman who went into the house Saturday night to retrieve some items declined to talk.

"He was always outside playing with his kids. They were playing catch. I used to see them playing catch and like want to go join in with them. He seemed like a great dad," said neighbor Britney Cooper.

All the neighbors praised the police for doing a great job of resolving the situation.

The man is locked up at the Alameda County fail. Police said they will offer him mental health services.

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