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Storm Drenches San Francisco Neighborhoods Damaging Several Homes

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) - In San Francisco's West Portal neighborhood, torrential rains overwhelmed intersections, and waist-deep floodwaters poured into homes.

Within a matter of minutes, garages, basements, living rooms and bedrooms turned into muddy, sewage-drenched nightmares for many homeowners.
"The storm hit, and the sewers backed up, literally and water just water came cascading out of the drains, cascading down, and nothing could handle it," said Sarah Glover of San Francisco.
The Glovers lost their entire bottom floor to the heavy rain.

Sandbags could not stop water from gushing just about everywhere.

At the height of the storm, the water at 15th Avenue and Wawona Street was thigh-high for some residents. This area was hit particularly hard, because it sits at the bottom of four hilly streets.
San Francisco resident Jon Browdy shared a video of water from the roof of Walgreens pouring into his backyard. The gushing water leaked into his home and flooded the entire basement, including the entertainment room.
"It's frustrating but it is what it is, nobody got hurt, everybody's okay," said Browdy. "It's just going to cost me thousands of dollars to fix my whole basement. I got to rip the whole thing up."
Browdy walked us through what is now a soggy mess.

The neighborhood came together to mop up the debris Saturday evening.
"I think for the first 50 years that we were here this might have happened three times, not to this extent," said Marina Simonian of San Francisco. "But in the last 6 or 7 years, it seems like every year it happens and it's getting worse."

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