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Silicon Valley Startup Creates Digital Mirror For Makeup Mastery

PALO ALTO (KPIX) -- It's the latest digital mirror in development from Palo Alto-based MemoMi Labs. Its patented technology scans the face, identifies lips and eyes and lets the subject try on different looks virtually, complete with flattering lighting.
With one touch on a screen, you can go from dramatic to daring to vibrant -- all in the blink of an eye.

The idea is not to replace the physical application of makeup but to add another layer to the beauty-counter experience.

"Sometimes people ... if you're thinking of five different lipsticks (this helps) eliminate three of them," said Salvador Nissi Vilcovsky, founder of MemoMi Labs.
Americans spend more than $60 billion every year on cosmetics and beauty products.

MemoMi has partnered with Silicon Valley giants Intel, Adobe and IBM on 3-D cameras, analytics and e-commerce data collection. MemoMi's devices create customized customer profiles, remember purchases and make recommendations.

"It will save you time ... because once you're applying makeup with our technology -- virtually or physically with a specialist -- we will send you all the lists of products to try that you sampled," Vilcovsky said.

The first international brand to use MemoMi's virtual makeup mirror will be in Europe.

The company has already seen success with its wardrobe mirrors that take 360 degree video. You can do the same with sunglasses and beauty tutorials at Neiman Marcus in San Francisco and nationwide.

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