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Seahawks WR Doug Baldwin Appears To Mimic Pooping During Super Bowl Touchdown Celebration

GLENDALE, Arizona (CBS SF) -- Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin is staying tight-lipped about his end zone celebration following a touchdown catch in Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday.

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After the former Stanford University wideout caught a touchdown pass in the third quarter against the New England Patriots, he stood over the ball on the ground and made a motion that resembled pulling down his pants, before squatting over the ball.

Baldwin's entire celebration was not seen by the NBC television audience as the network cut away from Baldwin as he began his pants-pulling motion. His antics earned Seattle a penalty flag for excessive celebration.

Doug Baldwin End Zone celebration by Playbook Trading on YouTube

Baldwin would not elaborate on the meaning of his 'movement' when asked by ESPN reporter Jane McManus.

Yahoo! Sports reported that Baldwin denied it was directed at Patriots cornerback Darrelle Revis who was covering him on the play, and that he later clarified that is was directed toward a group he would not identify.

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In 2005, the National Football League fined Minnesota Vikings receiver Randy Moss $10,000 for making a similar motion as if he was 'mooning' the crowd at Lambeau Field in Green Bay after he scored a touchdown against the Packers.

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