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Woman Who Previously Tried To Illegally Board SFO Flights Apparently Succeeds At Mineta San Jose Airport

SAN JOSE (KCBS)— A San Francisco woman with a history of trying to sneak on board flights at San Francisco International Airport has apparently succeeded at another Bay Area airport.

UPDATE: TSA Investigators Review Video Surveillance Of Serial Stowaway Woman At San Jose Airport

According to officials at Mineta San Jose International Airport, 62-year-old Marilyn Hartman made it past security and wasn't caught until her Southwest flight landed at Los Angeles International Airport Monday night, where she was arrested.

Southwest Airlines said in a statement that they were "actively investigating" the situation and is cooperating with authorities.


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Hartman initially came to the attention of authorities after trying to sneak onto flights at SFO six times. Once, she actually made it onto a flight that was destined for Hawaii. She was spotted when the actual seat-holder boarded. In that case, Hartman was then arrested and ordered to stay away from the airport.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) issued a statement that said they are planning to make some changes at the document checking area at San Jose International following the incident.

"The individual was screened along with all other passengers to ensure that she was not a security threat to the aircraft. Following an initial review by TSA at San Jose International Airport, the agency has initiated minor modifications to the layout of the document checking area to prevent another incident like this one," their statement read.

Prosecutors in San Mateo County previously said they believed Hartman was lonely.

Monday's incident occurred more than three months after 15-year-old Yahye Abdi sneaked onto the tarmac of Mineta San Jose International Airport and stowed away on a Hawaiian Airlines jet to Maui. Abdi survived the trip inside the plane's wheelwell, despite a lack of oxygen and subfreezing conditions.

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